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लौकी की खीर और लौकी का हलवा | Never Imagined Lauki /Doodhi Kheer And Lauki Halwa Would Taste So Good

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Never imagined Lauki / Doodhiya/ Bottle Gourd would ever taste this good! नवरात्रि के उपवास के लिए यह फलाहारी बनाए

LAUKI KI KHEER is a simple dessert made using bottle gourd and milk. It can be had for Vrat or Indian fasting days as well.Rich in texture and taste, Bottle Gourd Kheer doesn’t need any special preparations, and making it is very easy. All you need to make lauki kheer is fresh bottle gourd, some cream, dry fruits, milk, saffron, sugar, and ghee.Use tender fresh lauki to make the kheer. Use a heavy bottom pan to make the kheer.

LAUKI HALWA is also called as dudhi halwa. It is a rich Indian sweet made with bottle gourd (opo squash), milk, sugar and ghee. The method of making lauki halwa is similar to making gajar halwa. Making lauki halwa is easy but takes some time. This is a slow cooked halwa and what you get after minutes of slow cooking is super deliciousness. 

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