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3 samak Recipe | Sama Medu Vada/ Kheer/ Khichdi/सामक मेदू वड़ा/खीर/ खिचड़ी | Airfried Sama Medu Vada

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

In classical India rice is forbidden during fasting and samak is a good replacement for rice eaters. It is not a cereal but a fruit. It is the seed of a grass and belongs to the millet family. Samak rice is one of the items being used extensively during fasting in the Indian subcontinent. 3 Easy Recipes with boiled Samak Chawal are described during the days of Vrat Before demonstrating the recipes the technique of boiling this particular rice is described. Rice khichdi or pulao; medu vadas and kheer are very commonly being prepared from the samak rice and are therefore presented in this video.

The khichdi is conventionally enjoyed with a pumpkin dish and curd. Many prefer to have a sabudana namkeen; the link of which is provided below.

Apart from showing vadas being deep fried; the same are shown by preparing them by an air fryer for those wanting an oil free recipe.

The kheer made is akin to a rabri. However, those wanting the traditional kheer one can simply add additional milk for making the desired consistency.

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