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7 Unusual Genuine Ice Creams with fruits as main ingredients | 3 with Banana as Single Ingredient

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

All Ice Creams can be made in a jiffy. The papita Ice cream Cake may take little more time. Enjoy the genuine banana, mango, kiwi, tomato, coconut and papaya flavors. The sweet & sour of kiwi, tangy & chili of tomato, kesari of coconut have their own unique taste. Malai / Cream obtained from full cream milk has been used in the recipes. It is usually recommended to regrind the half frozen ice cream to obtain a creamy and fluffier ice cream. Milk powder utilized in these recipes is Nestle''s Dairy Whitener and I have found it the most satisfying. One may add the essence of the concerned fruit but to enjoy the genuine flavor they can be avoided. Initial grinding of fruit is best done by adding a few ice cubes. This helps in making a fluffier preparation.

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