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Bhindi/Okra Specials | मिनटों में बनाए कुरकुरी भिंडी और मसाला भिंडी ना गैस की गरमी ना तलने का झंझट

LADY'S FINGER - OKRA - BHINDI a delicacy vegetable in many parts of the globe is recommended for diabetic patients. Two special dishes, Kurkuri bhindi and kadhai bhindi that are made in minutes using microwave/air fryer are described. This video explains how to dice the vegetable and method of microwaving prior to commence making the special dishes. Kurkuri bhindi is a very special dish of okra and can easily be substituted as a snack.The airfryer is a very handy tool to make it. Kadhai bhindi incorporates the traditional Indian condiments to make a very special bhindi masala dish.

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