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Bitter Gourd Without Bitter Taste | कड़वे करेले की मीठी सब्ज़ी | Cheesy Karelas | Air Fried Karelas

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Bitter Gourd (KARELA) is the no. one anti diabetic vegetable and unfortunately is not very palatable due to its bitter taste. PRESENTED ARE TWO RECIPES WHICH NOT ONLY MAKE THEM TASTY BUT ALSO HAVE USEFUL AND HEALTHY INGREDIENTS INCORPORATED. Jaggery, sesame seeds, raisins, cheese are some of them. Children too will love these dishes. This video is about bitter gourd without bitter taste Two unusual recipes are described 1. Mozzarella cheese topped sweet and sour karela (bitter gourd) 2. Jaggery and sesame seeds coated sweet and sour karela (bitter gourd)

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