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DDD - Diet During Difficult Times | Maintain A Healthy Diet In Locked Out Period

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Dear friends, During locked out period we have to economize, rationalize, improvise our dietary habits. Based on the limited supplies we ought to modify and simplify our cooking style. Most of us have limited stocks of the basic ingredients namely rice, atta (wheat flour, bajra, makka, kuttu)), dals (pulses). One can consider the following issues and plan a healthy diet for the day. -Recipes utilizing the basic household ingredients. -Recipes that can be cooked quickly. -Recipes with minimal oil -Recipes with ingredients that help in boosting immunity and fighting infection -Recipes using simple home remedies. RECIPES MENTIONED IN THE VIDEO ARE ASSORTED AND HELP IN BREAKING THE MONOTONY. Deep frying is discouraged because it not only helps to remain healthy but also save’s on oil. One can resort to an air fryer or oven. If a particular item is not available one can substitute the same on one’s ingenuity.

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