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Farali Paneer Dodha Barfi In 5 Minutes With Microwave | में बनाए फलाहारी डोडा मिठाई ५ मिनट में

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

MAKING OF PANEER DODHA Dodha burfi recipe is a delicious treat perfect for any special occasion. A Gluten-free traditional Indian sweet made WITH PANEER COCONUT AND SINGHARA ATTA IN JUST 5 MINUTES USING MICROWAVE

Burfi/fudge is a most popular sweet enjoyed at any Indian festival. There are many varieties of burfis, and dodha burfi is one of my favorites. The best part of this creamy and delicious Punjabi sweet is crumbly, grainy and that’s my favorite part. Keeping the lengthy process in mind, I have come up with simple methods to prepare

THIS BURFI at home without compromising the authenticity or taste. The technique explained in this link are pretty easy to make and you can have instant DODHA ready in minutes. No color and no mawa is used. No cooking in kadhai, just 3 minutes in MICROWAVE

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