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Four Types Of Lauki Stuffed Healthy Paratha | Stuff Lauki In Paratha Without Squeezing / Roasting It

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

FOUR VARIETIES OF STUFFED BOTLE GOURD (LAUKI) PARANTHA ARE DESCRIBED During this lockdown period many of us may be experiencing shortage of vegetable items. Lauki / Ghia is one such vegetable that is more easily available and has a longer shelf life. Moreover, it is one vegetable that many especially children just desist. I have tried to overcome this attitude by making these paranthas. We have heard of paranthas incorporating shredded lauki in the atta while making dough. But making a filling and making a stuffed parantha is just unique. Four varieties of filling are described. The biggest advantage is that no prior squeezing or cooking of filling is necessary and nutrient value of vegetable is retained. No condiments except salt is used and common items from kitchen shelf are incorporated. SO GO AHEAD AND TRY YOUR HAND WITH THESE DELICIOUS PARATHAS.

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