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Navratri Special Kuttu Sabudana Parantha Aloo Stuffed | Soft Sago Buckwheat Paratha Potato Stuffed

Unique and Innovative vrat ka paratha. Kuttu and Sabudana are essential commodities for Navratri fasting. A modified unusual way of making paranthas with these ingredients with a stuffing is shown. The technique using CLEAN WRAP (cling film) is extremely helpful while using the roller pin to flatten the dough. This low fat farali dish is soft in texture and is enjoyed best with salads, chutneys and curd. Ingredients 1 Kuttu atta 3/4 cup 2 Sabudana 1cup 3 Potato 1big 4 Hara Dhaniya 1Tbsp 5 Rock salt 6 Black pepper

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