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Oil Free Pakoda in Kadhi | Make Soft Pakoda For Kadhi Without Frying/ Boiling | Tip to Store Pakodas

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

This video is about PAKORA KADHI without frying baking or boiling the pakodas for KADHI Super simple super easy and super quick way of preparing delicious Rajasthani pakoda kadhi with soft and spongy pakodas in it. Use of silicon moulds or butter paper moulds makes the preparation of kadhi pakodas UNUSUAL & EASY Use of Whey water and sour curd not only enhances the taste but is also HEALTHY Use of Air fryer makes crispy pakodas which are soft and spongy from inside TIP : How to store kadhi pakodas for a couple of weeks ? Simply put in Ziplock and put in freezer.

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