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Oil Free Smokey Palak Paneer Using Air Fryer | Smokey Flavoured Spinach With Homemade Cottage Cheese

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Smokey Palak (spinach) With Paneer/Cottage Cheese. Healthy No Fat Palak Paneer, Palak Paneer With A Smokey Flavor I know it’s easy to judge that green-mushy look of this dish but I’m telling you right now: this dish has the power to change your cooking style forever I want to help you ease into the making and eating of this spicy green dish And to give justice to this recipe that I’ve always, always wanted to make in my own style using Air fryer No chopping or frying of condiments AIR FRY YOUR AROMATICS. It’s onions, garlic, green chilis and ginger and a few spices getting all fried in air fryer and smell real good I have a weird aversion to oil ,so for this I used whole onion 3/4th of its upper portion sliced ,few cloves of garlic, few green chilies and a piece of ginger. Just toss it in AIR FRYER and let it get fried and soft . Then intermittently GRIND in mixer jar . Notice I did not say blend and I definitely did not say puree until smooth. I like a textured spinach gravy, so that’s how I make it. It doesn’t have to be chunky, but leave some yummy veggie flakes Add steamed Palak/Spinach in blender too. Take out and ADD THE AIR FRIED PANEER (CHEESE) AND SIMMER in a pan with whole spices, to get a nice natural spicy Aroma I have enhanced it's taste by giving a SMOKEY FLAVOUR to this dish Homemade paneer tastes like heaven ,and makes the whole dish delicious .You should try this unusual way of making PALAK PANEER SUPER EASY QUICK AND DELICIOUS Eat with some naan , chapati or rice Can be cooked on a skillet or tava too

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