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Mirzapuri Moong Dal Kachori - 3 Types | Maida - Atta Sooji - Maida Sooji

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

This video is about Bharwan Kachoris three types Usual practice is to make Kachoris with Maida, in this video I will be utilizing Suji and Atta (wheat flour) which are considered healthier option. Moreover both these items absorb less oil and help making Kachoris crispier (khasta). The filling contains less fat because of the use of Bhuna Chana and the cumbersome method of frying besan in oil is avoided. See how the ice helps in preparing the filling. The kachoris thus prepared can be made in an air fryer instead of frying in oil, can be baked too. These kachoris are generally consumed with pumpkin. The stuffed vegetable disco pumpkin shown in the video is an awesome combination.

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